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First Time Buyers - Use code BZRL to get 15% off | Free shipping on orders above Rs599

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The North Wind and the Sun

The North Wind and the Sun

Once upon a time, there was a North Wind and the Sun. They both argued about who was stronger. The North Wind boasted about his strength and power, while the Sun was quietly confident and believed that it was stronger.

To end their argument, they decided to hold a contest. They saw a man walking on the road and agreed that whoever could get the man to remove his coat would be the winner.

The North Wind went first and blew with all his might, creating a fierce wind that whipped the man's coat around him. The man clung onto his coat even tighter, trying to keep himself warm.

Next, it was the Sun's turn. The Sun beamed down its warm rays, making the day bright and pleasant. The man felt the warmth of the Sun's rays and started feeling hot. He eventually took off his coat and continued walking, feeling comfortable in the warm sunshine.

The North Wind was surprised to see the Sun's power and admitted that the Sun was indeed stronger. The Sun smiled and said, "Gentleness and warmth can achieve more than force and fury."

Moral of the story: Kindness and gentleness are more effective than force and violence. It's not always necessary to use force to achieve what we want. Often, a kind and gentle approach is more effective in getting others to do what we want. It's important to remember that being gentle and kind can go a long way in life.

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