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Refund policy

At Bookzoo, we have a transparent Return, Exchange & Refund Policy and we want to provide a hassle-free customer experience. Firstly, if you are looking to refund or return the books, you have ordered from us, thus a big ‘Thank You’ for buying from us.

Refund Policy: If you are not happy with the books, 100% refund guaranteed, no questions asked, let us know within 2 days of order receipt. Please write to us at and we will refund the money. If you have made the payment through UPI/Net banking/Card, we will refund through online process and it will be processed within 1 day of receipt of the mail. If the payment was made through COD, let us know the mode of payment, we will pay accordingly within 1 day of receipt of the mail.

Return Policy: If you wish to return the books, we are happy to do so. Please inform about this within 2 days of receipt of the book and books have to be in original condition as you received. Please drop us a mail to info@ and we will setup the return process and refund the money towards the respective order within 1 day of the receipt of the email. If the payment was made through COD, let us know the mode of payment, we will pay accordingly. There is no additional shipping cost applied to the buyer.

Exchange Policy: If you wish to exchange any of the purchased books, you can do so by writing to Let us know the book you want to exchange and the book which you want in return. In case of exchange, applicable price difference has to be paid by the buyer (if applicable). We will setup this exchange process with no additional shipping cost to the buyer.

Contact us: Any further queries, pls reach out to us at 07619300505 or write to us at