Top 5 Must-read Books for 2-year-old Children on Love & Relationship.

Books are our best companion at any stage of life. Children must be encouraged to explore the world of books from an early age. Once they start loving books, they will surely imbibe the habit of reading for life. The universe of books is massive, and one cannot possibly explore it all, we understand this and we are here to help you with some book recommendations for 2 year old kids.

2-year-old kids are mostly getting ready for pre-schooling, at this age they are really curious, starting to speak and pointing their figures at everything they see. This is also the right age to introduce reading to them at a very elementary level, they start learning phonics at this age and they try to read simple 3-letter words. Hence, they can be introduced to letters with illustrated books where they can relate to the pictures and read as well. Below are the Top 5 books that that shares tales of Love & Relationship.

1. I Love you This much: A sweet tale for the one you love!. This book is for all ages!. In this wonderful book of love, little Panda tells how to make someone fell special and loved. In this stunning book, Little Panda goes everywhere from Sunshine to Meadows to Fairyland to mountain top to express his love. A definite cuddly read with your little one to express your unconditional love.

Best Books 2 Years Old Child

Author: Igloo Books

Suggested Age: 2 years

2. Grandma Loves Me: Kids love to be with their grandparents. This book precisely talks about how Grandma loves spending time and do fun things with her grandchild. Grandma’s company is always enjoyable doing various things like baking cake to knitting to picking flowers to becoming a Fairy Godmother. The story is very relatable to kids and easy to read and understand.


Author: Igloo Books

Suggested Age: 2 years

3. I Love You Grandpa: This is a story of a Baby Bear with Grandpa bear and fun both of them have in each other’s company. With Grandpa around, there is no dearth of action and there is adventure all around. With him, you always explore, never complain and most importantly fear nothing because end of the day Grandpa always Love you. This book is an endearing relationship between the grandchild & the grandfather and how every moment with Grandfather is filled with joy & laughter.


Author: Melanie Joyce

Suggested Age: 2 years

4. Snuggle Up Tight: It’s time for bed! After all day’s play, it’s time to call it a day. After you listen to a Bedtime story and say Goodnight, you hear a sound which you feel is no all right. What’s that? Is it a Cat, Bat, or a Monster!! Read this book to know who it is. The book is filled with colourful images, illustrations and a cute little Panda, a wholesome cuddly story time book.


Author: Melanie Joyce

Suggested Age: 2 years

5. Kiss Me: Big Kisses, Small Kisses, anywhere-at-all kisses. This book wonderfully demonstrates the parent child relationship and the bond that is build every day. Rain or shine, Day or night, kiss me, & hug me and that’s all I need. This book illustrates the attention toddlers need and you being their always make their day!


Author: Anna Jones

Suggested Age: 2 years

These are some of the finest illustrated books for little wonders, it can be a very good Bedtime tale with amazing pictures & illustrations.

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