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Read Write Inc. Home Phonics: Dragon Bay

by Bookzoo
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The Read Write Inc. Phonics storybooks provide structured practice for children in decoding words and reading through phonics. Each set of books is carefully graded so children can read them with confidence.Read Write Inc. Phonics storybooks help parents support their child by:* Using Ruth Miskin's successful tried-and-tested phonic methodology for reading success Offering practical and effective advice in guiding their child through every story* Building confidence using fun and engaging stories with opportunities for talk and praise throughoutThe structured phonic story in Book 4A is written for parents to plan one-a-night achievable reading sessions with their child - great for busy parents!Reading steps for success:* Practise reading the Speed Sounds before each story* Read the Red and Green words before each story* Read the story to decode every word* Re-read the story to reinforce meaning* Re-read the story for fluencyThis book is illustrated by Tim Archbold, who uses a style that has been likened to uentin Blake's, which children love.It is recommended that parents use the RWI Phonics Speed Sound Flashcards Set 1 and Sets 2 and 3 to practise before and alongside children reading any of the RWI storybooks.

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COVER: Paperback


TYPE OF BOOK: Story book

SUB-TYPE: Fairy Tales

ISBN: 9780192733924



AUTHOR'S NAME: Ruth Miskin & Tim Archbold


PUBLISHER NAME: Oxford University Press