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Jane Blonde Sensational Spylet

by Bookzoo
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Plain Janey Brown transforms into Jane Blonde: Sensational Spylet in this brilliantly inventive, hilarious adventure story from a first-time author. Ten-year-old Janey Brown feels like she is practically invisible. With her stick-thin legs, mousy brown hair and grey eyes, no one ever notices her. Then a crazy woman turns up at the school gates, claiming to be Janeys godmother. According to hip-hop-talking, larger-then-life G-Mamma, Janey Brown really is something special. Shes Jane Blonde, Sensational Spyletand its time for her first mission Swapping her too-big school uniform for a silver spysuit, and her battered satchel for a set of amazing gadgets, Janey soon discovers that nothing in her life, or in her past, is as it seems. Her elusive Uncle Solomon happens to be the head of SPI (Solomons Politicational Investigations) and the greatest spy the world has ever known. Recruited by the government to work on top-secret Project Crystal Clear, Solomon has made a scientific discovery that could change the world. But now hes gone missing. Can Jane Blonde get to him first? Or will The Snerlesse, a rogue spying group with evil purposes (and a very nasty dog), hunt him down and take his secret?

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COVER: Paperback


TYPE OF BOOK: Teen Fiction

SUB-TYPE: Suspense & Thriller

ISBN: 9780330438148



AUTHOR'S NAME: Jill Marshal


PUBLISHER NAME: Published February 3rd 2006 by MacMillan Children's Books