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Books your kindergartner will love

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Zoom classes might well be the order of the day, and might even keep your kindergartener occupied as you get some down time. But shared reading, with you and your child poring over the same copy of a book together, is an irreplaceable activity.

It’ll keep you rooted in children’s books — let’s face it, we need them as much as the little ones, especially in difficult times like these — and let you spend quality time with your child. Reading together is also a surefire way of letting your kid know that you enjoy the pastime; at this point of childhood, she’ll very likely emulate your behaviour and pick up your tastes.

So don’t miss stocking up on these (once you’ve sorted out your essentials, of course) to liven up your time at home.


Hairy Maclary’s Bone by Lynley Dodd
Although the second book in a series of fun rhymes and canines, Hairy Maclary’s Bone by Lynley Dodd could well be your introduction to the titular character. The dog charms the butcher for a bone, and starts back home with a procession of his fellow doggy friends in his wake, hoping for their share. You follow them past one landmark to another, until you realise that clever Hairy Maclary has managed to lose all of them and has the bone to himself. If your kid takes to this book, you have a host of others featuring these doggos, including a few activity books.

Author: Lynley Dodd

Cover :Paperback

ISBN: 9781856130851

Little Monkey by Marta Altés
She’s too little, and most things are out of her reach and out of her sight. She’s always told that she can’t do things because, again, she’s too little. How annoying! Sound familiar? Surely, your little one will agree.

But this little one decides to climb the tallest tree in the forest, and along the way, she notices other wonderful little things that share her home. Finally, she gets to the very top, oblivious to the dangers that lurk there — a tiger that finds no mention in the text but is in the illustrations. She swings back down by its tail straight into the hugs of her troop. This is a relatable, feel-good book that’ll have your own little monkey squealing with delight, especially when Little Monkey is on top of the world.

Author: Oliver Jeffers

Cover: Hardcover

ISBN: 9780008170868

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury
This book has enthralled readers for a good three decades, and Micheal Rosen, who’s written it, has even animatedly performed it to tune to celebrate its 25th anniversary. You could turn it on and sing along the first time. Or you could leaf through the physical book and watch — flipping through Helen Oxenbury’s illustrations alternating between gorgeous colour and stark black-and-white — as the family of narrators sets off amidst varied topographies, declaring that they’re going on a bear hunt. But what happens when they see the bear? They turn tail and flee right back home, get under the covers and declare that they are not going on a bear hunt.

Author:Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

Cover: Hardcover


The Tale of a Naughty Little Rabbit by Beatrix Potter
Meet this old book in a new jacket, relatively speaking; what’s a decade for a story that’s been around for over a century. The Tale of the Naughty Little Rabbit retains Beatrix Potter’s original art, alongside edited text — simpler, and the slightly more disturbing parts smoothed over. Though shorter than the original, it could be rather wordy for a not-yet-prolific reader, but there’s plenty of room for doing characters and voices, which should make shared reading particularly entertaining. And what’s more, even without all that, this is an exciting tale: Peter Rabbit decides to explore a nearby garden despite his mother’s warnings and just about makes it back home after his little adventure.

Author: Beatrix Potter

Cover: Paperbook


What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks
Who can rival Julia Donaldson in pithy verse? This one weaves animal sounds into a poem: the rather shy ladybird hears thieves plotting to steal the cow, and, with some help from all the other animals at the farm, delivers them into the clutches of the cops. It has rhyme and repetition, so you could have your little one join in as you read, make animal sounds. A book that you’d revisit often and come up with your own grunt-quack-moo-hiss routines.

Author: Julia Donaldson & Lydia Monks

Cover: Paperback

ISBN: 9781447282198

Spot’s Garden by Eric Hill
Part of the Ladybird Spot series, this one’s about gardening and seed dispersal. The pup’s grandpa helps him plant lettuce and carrot, and make a scarecrow to keep away the birds that come for the seeds. But the scarecrow doesn’t scare the birds away, so they give the birds sunflower seeds to peck on instead. When it’s time for harvest, not only does Spot have fresh lettuce and carrots, he also finds some sunflower plants. A story that introduces science concepts without seeming to and makes muddying hands fun!

Author:Eric Hill



The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
An unmatched duo in the children’s books space, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler introduce you to their inimitable character, the Gruffalo, in this book — a strange creature that all others in the forest are in fear of. A mouse walks through the deep dark wood. It meets other animals that are waiting to gobble it up — a fox, an owl, a snake. But the mouse is quick-witted enough to describe formidable friend Gruffalo that enjoys roast fox, owl ice cream and scrambled snake and is thrilled that they swallow the story. Without care he scuttles until he bumps into the monster of his making. Guess what his favourite food is? You have it: mouse! Can he outwit Gruffalo? Generous with silly rhyme, and just the right measure of repetition, this is one of those must-haves in the kiddie cupboard. And once you’ve thumbed through it about a hundred times, you can add The Gruffalo’s Child, its sequel, to your collection too.


Author:Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler

Cover: Paperback

ISBN: 9780333710937

I Love You This Much
This Igloo Books title is a bit of an anomaly — a board book that’s rather complex. It doesn’t shy away from abstract concepts or new vocabulary. But it also makes them relatable to the child. It’s your declaration of love to her — how you’d shout about it from the top of mountains and whisper in her ear about it before you hug her and make a bed of clouds for her to fall asleep in. It speaks of the comfort and safety of a parent’s lap, and the warmth of sunshine, even amid the gloom and doom of the current times. A lovely gift for the tiny tots.

Author: Igloo Books

Cover: Paperback


I Am Using My Words by Jordan Collins and Dawn Machell
Little Kitty-Kat grunts and grumbles, scowls and sulks, but nobody knows what she wants because she does not use her words. Until one morning Mommy-Kat reminds her and the little one smiles and speaks! As young Kitty-Kat learns to use her words, your little one can pick up new ones too, some in bold, others in fancy fonts. So might you, for that matter, since this book has neologisms — words the author’s made up. You’re in for some real parent-child treats!

Author:Make Believe Ideas Ltd.

Cover: Boardbook

ISBN: 9781790000000

Here We Go, Harry by Kim Lewis
Say hello to Harry the elephant — and Lulu the lamb and Ted the teddy bear, Harry’s friends who sat up with him on a sleepless night till he fell asleep in Goodnight, Harry by Kim Lewis. Here We Go, Harry is Lewis’ next book, where, once again, Ted and Lulu stand by him when Harry begins to feel out of sorts in the middle of a cheerful outing. Gradually, he feels himself again; soon, all three are whooping and jumping and tumbling down the grassy hill. The book sheds light on the little moments of despair, and friends who come through no matter what. The fabulous illustrations that make the book all the more endearing.

Author: Kim Lewis

Cover: Hardcover

ISBN: 9780744586985

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