Perfect for a Pandemic-1

Books for toddlers that will make staying home a cherished experience

By Bookzoo

With a pandemic afoot and social distancing the order of the day, it’s easy to feel cooped up. But what if this became a time to bond with your toddler, instead? This time together could be just what you (and she) need, especially when she’s beginning to associate familiar shapes to sounds, and perhaps understand concepts.

So explore a spectrum of colours, look through various species of animals together, or go the whole hog and ride a unicorn, if you’d prefer. All from the safety of your home, step out into worlds opened up by books.

Here are some titles that should keep your child engaged and on her toes.

Stories for 2-Year-Olds
What kindles the imagination more than fantasy, and what’s better to make your little one fall in love with reading than a book about books? This one’s a complete package — a magic picture book that transports you to different worlds inhabited by aliens to princesses riding unicorns, and dinosaurs looking for a playmate. A cute collection of 10 mini stories, with lively illustrations to entertain both you and child.

Author: Igloo Books

Cover: Hardcover

ISBN: 9781790000000

First Words
This picture book introduces your toddler to words for people and things she sees all around her — mother, father, grandparents, dress, t-shirt, bowl, orange, ice cream, animals, vehicles and even toys thrown into the mix. The simple, clear illustrations will make learning for your little one quite the experience.

Author: Make Believe Ideas Ltd.

Cover: Boardbook

ISBN: 9781786925480

Happy Dog and Other Furry Friends
Who doesn’t want a friend, and what better friend could a human find than a dog? This title introduces readers to different breeds: Saint Bernards to Poodles and Bichon Frises. Something your toddler could flip through all on her own, this book has charming pictures and a creative design. You could even make a memory game of learning all the names.

Author: Alphaprints

Cover: Boardbook

ISBN: 9780310000000

The Wheels on the Bus
This is a sizzling, bubbling visual and aural delight hot off the pan. Press the button, flip through the pages. Sing along and watch a nursery rhyme come to life. Go on a journey with your child all through town, and help her figure out the different parts of the bus you’re riding along the way.

Author: Igloo Books

Cover: Boardbook

ISBN: 9781848529663

Itsy Bitsy Spider
Ever worry that your child will grow up to be afraid of creepy crawlies? Not if you make them endearing rather than distasteful. A spider who isn’t just harmless but also fun-loving — who enjoys playing and dancing, just like your kid — is the right way to go. All the better if four of its legs are illustrated and four more are a soft mitten to put your toddler’s tiny fingers through as you read aloud to her.

Author: Igloo Books

Cover: Boardbook

ISBN: 9781500000000

Whose Tail?
A series of animals have each other by the tail. A zebra pulls the porcupine’s, the porcupine pulls the bear’s, the bear pulls the crocodile’s and the crocodile pulls the lion’s. The book introduces children to common animals and some new adjectives too, gets them to recognise patterns and repetition and then springs an element of surprise at the end. Read it to find out what it is!

Author: Sam Lloyd

Cover: Boardbook

ISBN: 9781845062422

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