How to make Kids curious about books

Books have always been an important part of my childhood. From children’s books with simple illustrations to classics and novels, I simply loved reading because it transported me to a new world. I had even kept some of my childhood collections for my child. I am sure many of us share similar experiences because we have all been attached to books in some way or the other at some phase of our lives. And, we all want our children to read because we are aware of its manifold benefits.

But, as a parent, I understood that my child might not be instinctively inclined towards books like I was. Many of you would agree with me. But at the bottom line, our children ought to inculcate the habit of reading in one way or the other for their own development. And, the best way to start is at home, especially NOW when have the time to spend with them at home.

I have had my own share of struggles and challenges in making my daughter read books on her own, But once, she started imbibing it as a hobby than a mere habit, I knew my efforts have been paid off.

Coming to the most trending question from parents that ‘how do we make kids curious about books and eventually pursue them to read’, the answer is not one which ‘fits all’, but yes, there are definitely ways that you can try out.

“But at the bottom line, our children ought to inculcate the habit of reading in one way or the other for their own development. And, the best way to start is at home, especially NOW when have the time to spend with them at home. “

Before going to some of the ways to invoke curiosity about books among children of different age groups, we have to understand the environment they are in. What makes a child choose a book over other distractions like video games, mobiles, digital content, etc. Moreover, we have to consider the fact that parents might be busy professionally to spend a lot of time pursuing their children to read habitually.

Here are some simple and innovative ways to encourage those little minds to turn a page or two.

1. Talk about books: Probably, this is one of those pre-requisites to garner the curiosity for books in your child. Start talking about books that you had read in your childhood or someone of their age group is reading and enjoying. Show them book covers or read book blurbs to them to give them a teaser on how exciting the entire book can be.

2. Get age-appropriate books: A study indicates that providing kids with a stream of age-appropriate books can triple interest in childhood reading. Even the Paediatric Department advises parents to start reading to infants right from birth. Understand your child’s reading interest like genre and get books that they will like at their age. Browse for options that will naturally interest them and it definitely varies from child to child.

3. Make reading fun: Rather than making reading a mundane habit, make it into a fun hobby. You can try audiobooks initially or encourage them to attend story-telling sessions. Show them how reading can help in many other ways like building vocabulary, nurturing creativity, and others. A study points that kids who regularly ready have better language skills, larger vocabularies and high cognitive skills than non-readers. Another report published in the peer-reviewed journal Oxford Review of Education state that pupils who enjoy reading high-quality books daily score higher in tests. Point out the illustrations in the books which makes the stories more relatable. Urge them to read with their friends at times.

4. Try a book storyboard: It is not just about reading books but making them enjoy. So, you can make books interesting with things they like. From making a storyboard to explain what they read in a book, asking interesting questions about the book, writing a book review and so on. You can also ask them to create a different ending to the book or make a drawing of a particular scene or chapter on how they interpret.
You can do a character or role play at times to narrate story to make it more interesting ,or you can also ask them to enact a character that they liked. You can start with simple classics or may be stories from their own textbooks. The art of Storytelling can be effectively used to get kids interested in a particular story, may be by using simple props with things available at home.

5. Read with them: Studies state that kids who are read to by Mom and/or Dad are twice as likely to score in the top 25% percentile in reading. So take time off your busy schedule to spend some quality time reading to and with your kids. You can read to younger kids else you might ask elder ones to read to you. Keep a dedicated story-time or reading session every week. One of the best ways to generate curiosity is to re-read their favourite books.

6. Start with a series: It might be a good idea to start with a series for the age group of 7 and above where they will be intrigued to read the next part. Moreover, you can give them books on cartoons they like. Kids of the higher age group are also fond of comic strips or series which they find interesting and engaging.

7. Start building a mini library for them: Urge them to start taking care of their books. I am sure you have bought books for your child or someone might have gifted them. Make a small bookshelf for them in their room where they can stack those up. Gradually, they will feel the urge to read books from their shelf and maintain it as well.

8. Let kids be ‘kiddish’: Kids enjoy the most when you let them be ‘themselves’. So, don’t worry if they interrupt you or bug you a bit with their silly questions. Kids love it when they get answers to their questions. So, create an ambience of curiosity where you allow them to express their feelings. You can also interact by asking them simple open-ended questions which will urge them to know more.

I feel, as a parent, we need to have the patience and keep practising reading with our kids as much as possible. We have the resources to build their interest and as parents we know what is best for them. So, next time you buy a book for your child, think of their interest and when you read with them, enjoy it as much as they would. Because, when they watch you, they learn too.

Debolina Coomar

Debolina is a freelance Content writer, Blogger and an Author. She has been part of several short story and poem anthologies and a Certified Advanced Communicator and Advanced Leader from Toastmasters International. Debolina conducts public speaking and creative writing classes for kids and IELTS for adults.


  • Fantastic read, very well put up. Nicely pointed out Debolina, that reading can surely not be undervalued. Reading truly enhances their imagination and engages them so productively.

    • Wow …such an interesting read…I have also written a blog on this and being a creative writing teacher I can relate with these points..also setting goals for reading helps a lot.

  • Reading with the kids from an early age can help them develop interest in reading. I have been reading books to my kids since their early childhood days. Here, they arrange storytelling session for young kids, I used to take them there too. Both my kids are into reading.

  • your blog posts are changing my life! I’ve always found it hard to be a reader, and I love how you appropriately say that it’s best if parents start reading to children since early childhood and also the fact that you say that kids WILL ask silly questions and parents could show a little patience with them, I mean that’s so true and so important that parents do that for their kids. It’s not only tips and tricks but also big life lessons 🤗❤

  • Very well written. Book reading is indeed very important for kids. Though, Iam not a mother, but I can completely relate with what you’ve mentioned here. And when people love spending time on their phones, this habit of reading or reading them to children can really improve kids. Also, a great way to strengthen bond.

  • Kids are great impersonators. If we read in from of them they will mimic us. I am not a great reader but yes, I keep 1 hour no disturb reading in my routine. Your article can show well Balanced life with Kids. Loved your tips.

  • Making kids read is one of the activity I also ensure dedicatedly as it improves their memory skills and also it enhances their life skills. This post has great points to draw kids attention towards books.

  • This is such an amazing blog,to help parents and kids to get into the habit of reading books.
    Actions matters alot,when it comes to encouraging kids for any new activity.
    Kids follow and learn from their parents.
    So parents should take initiative in reading books with kids,it will motivate them to read and make it fun activity, so kids get into the habit of reading books on daily basis.

  • Being a book review blogger myself infeel proud to see this post. You have touched the right chord and the right way such that we can rest assured that our kids will be back to their reading.


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